Payment Methods

We can only support these payment methods.
  • Wise (formerly Transferwise)
  • Cryptocurrency

How to pay?

  1. Place order from our site > Select “Email Payment – Bank Transfer/Partner Site [Wise]” on checkout.
  2. Check your Email at Inbox / Promotions / Spam / Junk Mail and look for “Payment Order for ID-[Order Number]”.
  3. Reply to that email to get your payment info.


Up to 24 countries available. (USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/RON/CZK/etc.)

Payment process: 1 – 3 business days.

Payment method supported: Wire Transfer / Visa MasterCard / Debit Card / Credit Card / Google Pay / Apple Pay (Login with Apple Account) / International Wire / SOFORT (Send from EUR) / etc.

[Example: Send from – EUR, Apple Pay with Apple user account]


Cryptocurrency BCH / XRP

You can pay by Bitcoin Cash or XRP by replying to your order to get Payment Info.

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